State of Palestine: Netanyahu holds cabinet meeting in part of West Bank he vows to annex

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a pre-election cabinet meeting on Sunday in the part of the occupied West Bank which he promised to annex, if he is re-elected in a general vote on Tuesday.

“I’m proud to convene this special cabinet meeting in the Jordan Valley. It’s not just the eastern gate of Israel, it is the defensive wall from the east, because the Jordan Valley, together with the territories that will be part of Israel, guarantee that the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) will be here forever,” he said.

A tent was set up for the rare meeting outside of the Israeli territory.

“Today the government will decide upon starting the process of establishing the community of Mevo’ot Yericho in the Jordan Valley. The final approval will of course be given with the establishment of the next government,” said Netanyahu.

Israel will hold snap elections on Tuesday, as Netanyahu was unable to form a coalition after the vote in April. His pledge to annex the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea sparked international condemnation.

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