St Petersburg Economy Is Booming! It Is The Industrial Powerhouse Not Only Russia’s Cultural Capital

St. Petersburg is the largest northern city in the world. St. Petersburg increases the economy volumes, improves the urban environment and increases investment attractiveness each year while being one of the largest Russian Federation and European megacities.
There is a positive trend in most city’s economic sectors due to St. Petersburg Government’s active support and socio-economic strategy development implementation until 2035 there is a positive trend in most sectors of the economy of the city.
Strategy’s priorities – 2035:
«Innovations city» – the advanced technologies introduction in all St. Petersburg residents’ life spheres
«Comfortable city» – high-quality and safe urban environment formation including historical identity preservation
«Open city» – St. Petersburg development as the city, encouraging both people and positive changes, proclaiming universally recognized social values and actively participating in public events, integrated into international processes
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