Latest Technology News – Russia’s Yandex.Taxi to use face recognition to spot sleepy drivers

— Russia’s Yandex.Taxi to use face recognition to spot sleepy drivers —
Russian ride-hailing giant ‘Yandex.Taxi’, co-owned by Uber, is adding facial recognition technology to identify sleepy or drowsy drivers, Bloomberg revealed. A device mounted to the windshield will identify signs of an exhausted person, including blinking, yawning and improper posture. The move comes in response to Russian legislators demanding taxi companies do more to prevent accidents.
— WhatsApp bugs can let hackers alter chats: IT security firm —
Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point has claimed new-found vulnerabilities in Facebook-owned WhatsApp can let hackers change the text of sent messages in both public and private conversations. The firm added its researchers discovered three potential ways to alter conversations. Check Point claimed it had alerted Facebook late last year but only one of the bugs has been resolved.
— Truecaller CEO apologises for bug that registered users to UPI —
Swedish call-blocking app Truecaller’s Co-founder and CEO Alan Mamedi has apologised over a recent bug in its latest update which registered its users to UPI without consent. Mamedi claimed less than 0.12% of Truecaller’s total monthly users in India were affected by this bug. Truecaller discontinued its app’s affected version and stopped onboarding new users until the bug was fixed.
— Knives sold on FB without age check despite ban in UK: The Guardian —
Knives are being sold on Facebook’s e-commerce platform, Facebook Marketplace, without an age verification in the UK, The Guardian revealed. The UK government banned the delivery of knives to homes if the buyer was not verified to be over 18 years of age, in May. The Guardian claimed it purchased four sets of knives from sellers without the verification.
— Facebook may club Instagram’s Direct messages with Messenger —
Facebook is planning to integrate its Instagram’s Direct messages with its own messaging platform Messenger, Bloomberg reported. Instagram’s Direct-messaging staff now reports to the Facebook Messenger team, Bloomberg’s sources claimed. This will mark the social media giant’s first major step towards its plans to integrate Messenger with Instagram and WhatsApp, the report added.

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