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St Petersburg Economy Is Booming! It Is The Industrial Powerhouse Not Only Russia’s Cultural Capital

St. Petersburg is the largest northern city in the world. St. Petersburg increases the economy volumes, improves the urban environment and increases investment attractiveness each year while being one of the largest Russian Federation and European megacities. There is a positive trend in most city’s economic sectors due to St. Petersburg Government’s active support and […]

Why this Russian gas company sponsors soccer teams

Gazprom’s soccer jersey strategy, explained. Become a Video Lab member! Russia has the world’s largest reserves of natural gas, and most of it is controlled by the state-owned company Gazprom. But Gazprom has also built a global profile as a soccer sponsor. Good publicity for Gazprom means good publicity for Russia; since Gazprom is owned […]

Russia: Protest Against Exclusions from Moscow Elections

Hundreds of people were holding an unauthorized protest march in central Moscow, Saturday, August 31, following recent demonstrations in which thousands were detained and many beaten by police. (AP) Thousands of Russians defied authorities and marched in central Moscow, ignoring officials’ warnings and pressing demands to let independent candidates run in upcoming city council elections. […]

Cyberpunk Tech Hits the Market: Russia Beginning Mass Production of Medical Exoskeletons!

Subscribe to Vesti News Russia is launching mass production of exoskeletons. The equipment, basically capable of defeating gravity, was invented by medical scientists from Volgograd. It was initially designed for people who can’t move their arms due to severe diseases, but that’s not its only application.

Latest Technology News – Russia’s Yandex.Taxi to use face recognition to spot sleepy drivers

— Russia’s Yandex.Taxi to use face recognition to spot sleepy drivers — Russian ride-hailing giant ‘Yandex.Taxi’, co-owned by Uber, is adding facial recognition technology to identify sleepy or drowsy drivers, Bloomberg revealed. A device mounted to the windshield will identify signs of an exhausted person, including blinking, yawning and improper posture. The move comes in […]