Desperate & Pathetic Jerry Nadler Completely Denies Russia Investigation Conclusion

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has been on the frontlines telling it like it is when it comes to President Donald Trump’s impeachment, and the news networks have been thirsty for him.

While on with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo, Cruz, chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, laid out how flimsy the case against Trump was. To highlight just how flimsy it was, Cruz made it clear that the Democrats have brought nothing against Trump that can be legally held against him, not even so much as a speeding ticket.

“I do think what we have seen coming out of the House is an abuse of the Constitution,” Cruz said. “And the reason is that they’re using this for political purposes. This is the first time in history any president is alleged – has been impeached without the articles alleging any criminal conduct at all, without alleging any federal crime was violated.”

“They don’t allege any federal law was violated. They don’t even allege as much as that the president has a speeding ticket, and that has never happened in our country’s history,” Cruz added. “And to use impeachment like the House Democrats are doing, to express their political disagreement with the president, to try to overturn an election they’re unhappy with, that is an abuse of the Constitution.”

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